Cosmetics – Your Nails Tell a Story

How many times have you walked the streets and seen people who look so great you think they have a personal cosmetics artist at home?

These people have all their hair in the right places and their nails we polished to cover any hideous site. Unknown to you, these people have spent time and money to look the way the look.

You may feel you have to go to beauty school and take cosmetics course for your nails to look this good. Well, a course at a beauty school may seem handy if you intend to run a beauty salon. However, if you are just interested in looking good throughout the day, you just need to do a few things and spend some time taking care of yourself each day.

nailsAvoid chipped nails

There is no reason to leave your house with your nails looking funny thanks to nail polish that has come out. While some people may not care much about this, nails with chipped nail polish can really spoil a good look. If you are rushing to go out and can’t find the time to take care of your nails, then least you can do is to use nail polish remover to remove the remaining polish. An empty nail is better than one with broken polish.


Keep your nails clean

Even if you can’t find the time to cover your nails with polish, make sure there are clean and well trimmed. Nails looking dirty and chapped are a definite no. If you can, always have a mini manicure set at hand for those times when you realize your nails need some instant help.


Cover nail polish

Your nails may look good even without nail polish but also they may look better with it. You don’t have to be a cosmetics beauty instructor before you can learn how to apply nail polish. While at home, give yourself time to apply the nail polish. Make sure to allow for the time for the nail polish to completely dry off. If they are not left to dry completely, they can become messed up thereby ruining the look.


Never leave the house with your nails carrying half polished look. Find the time to apply nail polish and let it dry before you use the hand. If you can’t find the time to apply nail polish, then take the time to remove any broken ones from the nails. Also, trim your nails short so that they look neat even without nail polish. That said; also remember to keep safe when working with nails. Your safety should be at the top of your mind anytime you thing about doing manicure or pedicure.


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